Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person." Mother Teresa

This young boy, who is infected with AIDS, is being raised by his very elderly grandfather. He and his brother (who was too shy to come out to see us) are suffering from a lack of proper care from their grandfather who is too weak to really provide the care they need.

This young boy and his younger sister are in the care of their elderly grandmother. They are in a hopeless situation without proper shelter or care.

These two angels are living in this hut with their grandmother along with a chicken and a baby goat.

This girl and her older brother (below) are living in a hut, while their mother is away getting treatment for AIDS. We provided them a much needed new mat to sleep on.

These two children just lost their mother to AIDS in October. They were going through the motions when we visited them but it was so clear they were in so much shock and pain. Reencontro is looking for somebody to sponsor them for $60/month which would pay for a care-taker to live with them. They are currently living on their own.

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